Whether it's pain, digestive issues, lowered immune system, insomnia, stress, weight loss, or general vitality, acupuncture is great at improving most conditions you would see your primary care physician for.  


The beauty of our medicine is that we focus on balancing ALL of the systems at work within your body to create a well-functioning, well-oiled machine.  Stress on each individual part of the system will begin to affect the other systems of your body... for example:  mental stress may affect your diet, causing digestive problems. Or... the opposite could happen; you're experiencing digestive bloating, cramping, or IBS which then causes mental stress leading to chest tightness, anxiety, heart palpitations, neck tension, and so on.  One system will eventually compensate for another.  

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  • 5-30min   INTAKE     

  • 30-45min NEEDLE RETENTION 

  • 10-15 min of cupping, gua sha, massage, etc if condition applies


Each treatment is customized to the patient and their chief concern, so specific treatments  may or may not be used (cupping, electrical stimulation, herbs, supplements) based on the patient's condition and the practitioner's discretion.  


An average treatment looks something like this:


Upon arrival, we'll discuss yourchief concern and goal for the treatment session (5-10 min).  If you're a new patient, it will be significantly longer (20-30min) as we want to get to know you and the details about your life (occupation-in terms of stress both physical or mental, social/home/family life dynamics, diet, exercise, medical and family history, etc).  


I'll then explain the areas of the body I will need to access in order to place the needles, have you change clothes as needed, and instruct you to lie face up, down, or on your side, depending on what areas we are working on.  


The actual needle insertion process is generally less than 5 minutes and is relatively painless.  Some areas such as the hands or feet tend to be more sensitive, however they also tend to be very energetically powerful.  If there are any intense sensations, they generally go away within a few seconds and you will feel a calming, relaxing feeling throughout your body.  


You will relax with the needles in for about 30 minutes and I will come in periodically to check on you and the needles.  After, time is up, I'll remove the needles and apply cupping or other modalities as I deem fit.  We will discuss your homework for the week if you have any (exercise, food suggestions, supplements, herbs, referrals to other practitioners or physicians), take care of payment at the front office and you will be on your way to enjoy the rest of your day.


Patients often feel very relaxed after acupuncture so it is advised not to plan any super strenuous tasks, mental or physical, for immediately after the treatment. 



  • Have a little something in your stomach before the treatment

  • Try to wear loose clothing if possible. If you can't or forget, no big deal, I can drape you with a towel or choose other points.

  • Arrive 15 min early and avoid rushing so you can feel the full, relaxing benefits of the treatment

  • Let me know if you have alcohol, tobacco or caffeine in your system (these affect your diagnostic signs and should be avoided immediately before your treatment)

  • Be honest with me about your condition, lifestyle, habits.....  it's harder to help when I'm not being told the whole truth.  As a team, we will start at whatever level you are at to find opportunities to improve  This is a space of healing and growth, judgement does not hold court here.  

  • Be prepared to fill out paperwork especially if you're a NEW PATIENT (30 min ahead of treatment time) unless you've already done so online.

  • Turn off your cell phone during the treatment, this is an hour to honor and benefit you, the world can wait, I promise. 

  • Give 24 hour cancellation to the best of your ability, I'm reserving this time for you and it limits availability for others, like you, in need of healing

  • Drink plenty of room temperature water, before and after your treatment

  • Pay attention to your body, notice any changes and whether they improve, increase, or vary from the norm (pain, bowel movements, energy level, falling or staying asleep, stress level, appetite or food cravings, etc)

  • Follow herb, supplement or diet recommendations as prescribed.  Believe it or not, herbs and supps only work if you take them!  



  • Move body with needles in (unless I ask you to), this isn't just painful but can be very dangerous.

  • Overexert yourself mentally or physically (no working out, stressful work requirements) for 2 hours after the treatment.

  • Consume drugs or alcohol the day of your treatment.

  • Swim or bathe for an hour after your treatment.

  • Leave your body/neck uncovered after a cupping or gua sha treatment.

I generally tell patients that if they've tried everything and other treatments are:

A)  not resolving the problem

B)  quite expensive 

C)  having significant side effects/hassles   

then clearly acupuncture is worth a try.

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