insurance FAQ's

We do a courtesy check of your insurance benefits before your initial consultation.


Once you book your appointment, your paperwork will be automatically sent to your email for you to fill out before your appointment. Please fill this out ASAP so you don't forget. It includes your health history information, HIPPA, Informed Consent and Insurance. 


We will discuss your insurance benefits and payment options during your initial consultation. If it's not filled out at least 48 hours in advance, we will be unable to verify your benefits for you. 

NOTE: We are out-of-network with most insurance companies. When you call or check your benefits, be sure to as what your "Out-Of-Network" coverage is. 


Find insurance jargon confusing?

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  • Call the member services number on the back of your insurance card

                   *calling is more accurate than checking online

  • Confirm your info with the rep and ask the following questions:

          1.  a) Do I have in-network acupuncture benefits?

               b) Do I have out-of-network acupuncture benefits?


          2.  Do I need to meet my deductible before I get coverage?

                     -IF YES: what is my deductible and what are the accumulations?

          3.  What is my copay or coinsurance?

          4.  How many visits are allowed per year?

          5.  Do I need pre-authorization from my physician?

  • ALWAYS get the representative's name and the call reference number     

                *unfortunately misquotes can happen and it's important that you have record of what the rep tells you

Once you book your appointment and fill out the New Patient Paperwork that is sent to your email, we will perform a courtesy insurance verification and your benefits will be discussed during your initial consultation.


  • It's YOUR responsibility to tell us when you've changed insurance companies or plans

  • Service coverage is not guaranteed by insurance and we won't know coverage until they send you the EOB