I'm currently in-network with:​​

  • Cigna PPO plans

  • United PPO plans

Coverage is NOT guaranteed and each individual's plan varies with acupuncture insurance coverage.

If you have an insurance company OTHER than those listed above we can check to see if you have OUT-OF-NETWORK insurance benefits.


Find insurance jargon confusing?

CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • Call the member services number on the back of your insurance card

                   *calling is more accurate than checking online

  • Confirm your info with the rep and ask the following questions:

          1.  a) Do I have in-network (Cigna/United) acupuncture benefits?


               b) Do I have out-of-network (any other company) acupuncture benefits?

          2.  Do I need to meet my deductible before I get coverage?

                     -IF YES: what is my deductible and what are the accumulations?

          3.  What is my copay or coinsurance?

          4.  How many visits are allowed per year?

          5.  Do I need pre-authorization from my physician?

  • ALWAYS get the representative's name and the call reference number     

                *unfortunately misquotes can happen and it's important that you have record of what the rep tells you

I ALWAYS check your insurance benefits before you come in. If you'd like me to verify your insurance for you, please book an appointment and fill out the insurance and personal information so I can check it for you. If you don't have coverage or would like to cancel the appointment you can always cancel with a 24 hour's notice.


  • Cupping is only covered by insurance when done with acupuncture

  • It's YOUR responsibility to tell us when you've changed insurance companies or plans

  • Service coverage is not guaranteed by insurance and you will be responsible for the portion that they do not pay

  • Coverage will not be confirmed until we receive the EOB (which can take a few days up to a few weeks)

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