Tired of walking on pins and needles?

Does it feel like you're wearing gloves or socks when you're not?

Is it painful to wear socks or touch the blanket at night? 

Is your balance and coordination getting worse?

  • increase circulation

  • relieve pain

  • reduce inflammation

  • regulate the nervous system

Neuropathy is a degenerative disease.

This means will continue to get worse unless you do something to stop it.

Diagnosing and addressing the cause of your neuropathy early on is extremely important to prevent further damage. We compare this to taking the rock out of your shoe that is causing the irritation instead of just putting a band-aid on it. If caught early enough, your nerves are able to heal and repair, otherwise it can progress to a point where they are unable to regain full functionality. Western Medicine only offers a few options outside of pharmaceuticals or surgery. 

HOWEVERAcupuncture and Cold Laser have both been shown to:

By optimizing our natural healing capabilities, we can use acupuncture and cold laser therapy to regrow the small nerve fibers that have been damaged to help restore sensation, balance, and function.

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