new patient visit

New Patient Visit   $165

This includes an in-depth health history, personalized treatment plan and acupuncture.

Approx 45-75min


Acupuncture $115

We have our treatment plan, we've gotten to know eachother, now we catch up on the latest and get to pokin'.

Approx 30min


Cupping  $70

We use oil to move the cups along the entire back to release muscles, relax the mind, and break up tight fascia.

Approx 15min

Add ON'S

Save $10 when you add these services onto an acupuncture session


Moving Cupping


Gua Sha


Local Cups


Cold Laser


ATP Biotherapy

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Local Treatment  $50

This stand alone treatment uses gua sha, stationary cupping or dry needling to target a specific area.

Approx 10-15min

erchonia cold laser.png

Cold Laser $30

Great for anyone who's a little needle hesitant (kids too!) to reduce pain and inflammation, improve brain function and regulate the nervous system.


Approx 10-15min


ATP Biotherapy $30

This quick and painless treatment uses low level electrical current to reduce pain and inflammation.

Approx 15min


Cosmetic Acu



Great for improving skin tone, lifting, sagging jowls, wrinkles, acne and overall health. Needles are placed all over the body for whole body health benefits. 

Approx 35min

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Great for skin brightening and improving skin tone, hyperpigmentaion, wrinkles, dull complexion and acne scars. Also includes Acupuncture for skin health from the inside-out!

Approx 45min

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Functional Medicine Consult


Ready to take your health to the next level? This initial visit discusses your primary health concerns and goals. From here we discuss which lab tests to order as well as any diet or lifestyle modifications to be made. 

Approx 30min

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Case Review


Once we've recieved all your lab results that we ordered at the Initial Consult, we'll review them and put a specific, personalized treatment plan into action. 

Approx 45-60min

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Follow Up


We book this for 3-6 months after your Case Review to assess progress in your health while on the treatment plan. From here we may make modifications, other recommendations or more testing.

Approx 30min

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Lab Review


Are you a current patient and want a second opinion or another interpretation of bloodwork and labs you ordered with another doc? I got you. Price varies on the quantity and complexity of lab results. 

Approx 15-30min